Official launch of the CD on 26 October 2018

Concert at Café de la Danse on 24 November 2018

Fiona Monbet invites us to discover her new album on which she is joined by the fabulous Pierre Cussac (accordion), Damien Varaillon (double bass) and Antoine Boyer (guitar). Contrebande is the name she has chosen for her second album… Five years after O’Ceol, the violinist Fiona Monbet has metamorphosed into something quite different, confirming her various styles, and moving far beyond mere virtuosity.

What is her approach? It is not about opting for just one type of music among the many that appeal to her, but about weaving together a diversity of styles to compose a voyage, both aesthetic and sensitive. The album navigates easily in and out of the many musical channels, free from the traditional constraints placed on musicians. It takes off towards the wide horizons, much in keeping with Fiona’s own perspective on music.

Fiona Monbet : violin . Damien Varaillon : double basse . Antoine Boyer : guitar . Pierre Cussac : accordion

Gaetan Rochel